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Our Hand Cast tiles come unpainted for the hobby enthusiast or hand painted for those of you who want beautifully hand finished tiles to use on your table top as soon as you receive them.

Hand poured and Made from Resin, our tiles are 1/4 inch thick, solid and heavy enough to resist falling over while being knocked while in play. Our tiles are fully modular and with separate walls and floor tiles, they can be organised in any combination you wish for your table top games.


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Who Are DMB Games

DMB Games makes games and gaming accessories for tabletop gaming, Roleplaying and Wargaming. We hand make 3D Modular Game Tiles and game accessories. As well as stocking a range of other accessories like Dice and figure bases to enhance your gaming experience.

Our Customers use our tiles and accessories in Games like Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, Frostgrave, Warhammer, Zombiecide, Descent Journeys in the Dark, and many many more

We also a game design studio and we are currently working on our first game Rosebyrne Manor a narrative story driven dungeon delving game with multiple choices and outcomes.


3D Game Tiles

Our 3D Modular Dungeon Tiles are hand made, hand cast and hand finished in our workshop in Essex, England.

We use Hirst Art Castle molds, for which we are full licenced, to make some of our masters, along with our own original sculpting, check out the range from Dungeon to Starships, cavern to open spaces and all the accessories you can think of.


Every game needs some extras to play, from dice to hand sculpted bases, we cover everything you might need to bring your table top games to life, and we are adding more and more all the time.

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Rosebyrne Manor

Rosebyrne is a Dungeon Delving board game for 1-6 Players with a difference.

The game has an overall story, with a definitive beginning and end to it. There is no fixed quest layouts or set goals to get from the start to the end. The route the players take to get there is randomly generated with a choice of 30 quests, a randomized board layout, and customisable encounter decks; no two games should be the same!

The mechanic is based on a D12 success system, with opposed combat rolls and a campaign and experience system that will allow you to take one of the 10 base characters to heights only dreamed of by most adventurers..


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Tile Picture Gallery

Here is a selection of pictures showing out tiles in use.