Would You Like, Custom Hand Made Plushy Monsters and PC's or Chocolate Dice?


Two of my friends from the USA have their own websites, creating offshoot Gaming goodies!

Mario Lurig, From Broomfield Colorado USA, is a great guy. Part of the gaming group i played in regularly during my stint in Denver, he is one of those genuine nice guys that any one is lucky to have as a friend! After quitting some boring IT job he decided to start making, amongst other things, what promise to be some very delicious Chocolate Dice.  

Click Here to take a look at what he is up to and see how you can get your hands on these tasty Polyhedral treats!

Hopefully I should be receiving some soon to test and let you know what i think, or at least he better send me some after plugging his new business!!



Heather Espinosa, also from Broomfield. Colorado, is one of those people you just have to like. She's amazingly talented and can turn her hand to pretty much anything she pleases, from creating LARP costumes, and dice bags, mixing and creating her own Music, to her latest project Needleforge.com

Heather, Creates custom knitted critters and PC's either instantly recognisable favourites from some of the creates RPG's of all time, or custom creations at your request.

I have one of my old Dwarf Warlord Grumdol, complete with his long grey hair, and eyepatch, who sits on my desk, watching over me while i work!

Amazing quality work, all hand crafted and worth every penny, of which not many will secure you one of these awesome beasties or Hero's!

Click Here to take a Look!!

Both of their websites can be accessed from the Link bar on the right hand side of the screen! Go order some chocolate and some Fuzzy friends, when you do Tell 'em Andy sent you, it won't do anything except make me feel better about myself!

See you on the Flip side!



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