Wizards give us a revision on the Ranger Class

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In their latest offering of Unearthed Arcana WOTC have given us a revised copy of the Ranger Class

Over the past year, you’ve seen us try a number of new approaches to the ranger, all aimed at addressing the class’s high levels of player dissatisfaction and its ranking as D&D’s weakest class by a significant margin. Those two factors combined to put us on the path to this revision.

Though the revised ranger retains many of the elements of the existing class, a lot has changed, so it’s best to simply dig into the new material to get a sense of how it feels. But at the same time, the release of this revision gives us a chance to talk about how a revised class can best be implemented as part of the D&D game—and how the game will evolve in the future.

Im not sure if the resident Ranger at my Thursday Night Game session would agree with that statement , but its well worth reading the UA article to see what the changes are.

As with all the UA stuff this isn’t a hard and fast rules change just yet, they are designed for players to try and give feedback on to help evolve and improve the game.  It’s a great way to keep the community involved in the game and show what can be done with a little effort and some play testing.

Let us know what you think!

Andy @ DMB Games

The UA article was originally posted at Wizards of the Cast – Click Here for the source article.


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