WHFRP 4e – Careers Revealed

Cubicle 7 have released a preview of the new Career Class and included the Apothecary page from the rule book to show us what the layout looks like and what we can expect to see from the other careers. Before i show you that though, i want to go over the Careers and their Classes

In this edition, as in others the individual Careers are scooped up in to buckets labelled Classes, wit similar careers being grouped together.

They have also said that each Career will have 4 Career levels in it. meaning that there are 8 classes with 8 careers giving 64 in total, but each of those has 4 levels giving a total of 256 Career options in the core book… which is just a few.

Here are the 8 Classes with their careers:

  • Academics: Apothecary, Engineer, Lawyer, Nun, Physician, Priest, Scholar, Wizard
  • Burghers: Agitator, Artisan, Beggar, Investigator, Merchant, Rat Catcher, Townsman, Watchman
  • Courtiers: Advisor, Artist, Duellist, Envoy, Noble, Servant, Spy, Warden
  • Peasants: Bailiff, Hedge Witch, Herbalist, Hunter, Miner, Mystic, Scout, Villager
  • Rangers: Bounty Hunter, Coachman, Entertainer, Flagellant, Messenger, Pedlar, Roadwarden, Witch Hunter
  • Riverfolk: Boatman, Huffer, Riverwoman, Riverwarden, Seaman, Smuggler, Stevedore, Wrecker
  • Rogues: Bawd, Charlatan, Fence, Grave Robber, Outlaw, Thief, Racketeer, Witch
  • Warriors: Cavalryman, Guard, Knight, Pit Fighter, Protagonist, Soldier, Troll Slayer, Warrior Priest

And they gave the example of the Peasant Class to show how those careers break down in to the career levels:

  • Bailiff: Tax Collector, Bailiff, Reeve, Magistrate
  • Hedge Witch: Hedge Apprentice, Hedge Witch, Hedge Master, Hedgewise
  • Herbalist: Herb Gatherer, Herbalist, Herb Master, Herbwise
  • Hunter: Trapper, Hunter, Tracker, Huntsmaster
  • Miner: Prospector, Miner, Master Miner, Mine Foreman
  • Mystic: Fortune Teller, Mystic, Sage, Seer
  • Scout: Guide, Scout, Pathfinder, Explorer
  • Villager: Peasant, Villager, Councillor, Elder

Another interesting thing that they mention is that there is no cap on a career, you can take skill advances and characteristic advances as much as you want, they just more and more expensive to buy with your XP as you progress.

They have done this so that if you want to become a master at one thing you can, they do warn that while you’ll be an expert at one thing, everyone else will have rounded skills.

I’ll leave you with the image of the Apothecary:

Have a read of the article and let me know what you think!

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