Whats goign on with Rosebyrne Manor? Is it a Board game or what?

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Well, that is a good question!
it’s gone through a few iterations and is actually coming out somewhere between a board game and a skirmish game, that might around a little confusing but let’s look at it in more detail.
I started off with a massive plan to make a really in-depth board game with tiles, cards, miniatures and tokens galore. It was to be a sweeping tribute to all the dungeon delving games I love so much, but with my own background and a few little twists and turns to make it worth adding to a collection.
Then I looked at the cost of creating something like that and thought, hmm, I don’t want to people to have to pay £150 for a board game just because I want to make it massive and awesome.
Then I started playing with the idea of a skirmish game to go along with the 3D tiles and did a few passes of a rule set which I was happy with, but it relied very heavily on the stuff I had already written for the board game.
So I decided to merge the two and take the best from both things I had created.
Then I looked at again, while designing the tiles needed to play the game, and realised I already make a great range of floor tiles, that will soon be passing over into resin, rather than the plaster we currently use, so they would be more suitable for a board game…
Then I was at a show and someone said to me, so what game are these used for then, sweeping their hand over the display table in a slightly confused and awed way.
And then it hit me.
Make a Game that uses your rules, dice mechanic, and card sets, and uses your, or any other dungeon terrain that’s out there, and allow people to provide the models themselves.
If your anything like me you’ll have hundreds and thousands of miniatures around, from various board games, and just random stuff you have picked up over the years.
Then I thought but what about those who are new to the hobby and don’t have the stuff to use, well we will provide miniature bundles from other manufacturers to go with the core game, but as an optional extra not as a forced purchase.
This doesn’t mean we won’t be producing some special figures or even our own range of minis eventually, but I didn’t want that to be a reason not to release the rules and cards as soon as they are ready.
So anyway, the game is shaping up and to be a part RPG (character creation, Levelling and in-depth world background), Part Board game (Cards, tokens, custom dice etc.) and part skirmish game (3D terrain, miniatures, small warbands of hero’s etc.)
More on the rules and bits in another post but for now I’m quite excited by it all
Andy @ DMB


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