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So we are almost at the end of another week, and yes don’t worry today’s map is going to be posted in a little while, but I Thought I would add some of my thoughts behind the dungeon and what its purpose is.

The Dungeon Environment and Resulting Story

At the moment i am just posting seemingly random maps and some random encounters. These do actually all go together to create the first level of a multi level dungeon. Eventually there will be a full back story about the dungeon, and how it came in to being, as well as lots of hooks to get your PC’s in to it and exploring.

The Rosebyrne Dungeon Map Project has several reasons for being.

  1. To provide free pre-made encounter maps for DM’s.
  2. To show how the DMB Dungeon Tiles can be used.
  3. To build a massive singular dungeon adventure site that can be used in multiple systems and multiple editions of those systems. (Yes I’m looking at you D&D & WHFRP)

Eventually I am hoping to get round to writing some encounters with read aloud text and all that Jazz to go with the maps, so here are some thoughts on how I am going to format those encounters:

Encounter Formatting and Layout

The encounters posted on the blog will be presented in a shortened format. They will include, at the minimum the following information:

  • Room Description
  • Read Aloud text
  • Combat Encounters
  • Adventure Hooks & Threads
  • Notes on how the Encounters link and what they add to the over all Rosebyrne Story Arc

So as we build and grow the dungeon there are a few things to take in to account. General features of the dungeon such as what its built from, repeating features, environmental effects that effect the dungeon level as a whole etc.

As the Maps I am posting now are all part of level 1 (yes I am aiming for Multiple levels on the dungeon, who know s how many we will actually end up with.

Dungeon Level Assumptions

Here is the current List of Assumptions about level 1 of the Dungeon.

Assumptions  About Level 1 of the Dungeon

  • Unless otherwise stated the walls and floor of the dungeon are grey flagstone.
  • All Doors are made of oak and reinforced with Iron bars, unless otherwise stated in the encounter description.
  • Unless otherwise mentioned doors are unlocked and open freely.
  • Traps are spent if they are triggered unless a reset is mentioned in the text.
  • Wandering Monsters are abundant on the first level of the dungeon.
  • Characters are free to leave the level, either by using the various “Down options” or via the entrances located around this level of  the Dungeon.

I think that’s it for now, I’m sure I will think of a few extra things, but I guess that is the beauty of owning your own website, is you can post whatever you like whenever you like, and ill be sure to do that should anything else pop int o my brain!

Andy @ DMB


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