Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay: New Races Coming our Way in Heroes Call!

Well, Well Well…. Looks like in the Epic expansion for this awesome RPG game, we will be getting not only a slew of new careers, powers, talents and tokens, we will also be getting two new races fro players to try their hand at.

But which two will we be getting? Both are old favourites of mine, an done of them has been demanded from the start, with lots of players up in arms that it wasn’t included in the base set.

Thats Right we are getting Halflings as a player race. We are also getting Half-Ogres.. but HALFLINGS!!!


Im not even sure why I am excited over the whole halfling thing, but it made me smile when I read the article over at FFG's website about it. (Click Here to read it.)

They do have a couple of character descriptions on the article to show you how the two new races could possibly integrate in to a campaign, which are nicely described, but they are only backgrounds for the characters, with very little said about the mechanics.

They do however have a few pictures up of the Halfling Chef's carer special ability-card and an Oger item card, as well as the Ogre maneater career card.


Lets see what happens when the Hero's call expansion hits our shelves. 

See you on the Flip Side!



  1. Robin Bell on Facebook Friday, Feb 24 2012 11:19AM

    Awesome sauce, halfling protagonist Bengo ‘the collar’ Hopsfield …. Awaits to be rolled

  2. Andrew Lawrence on Facebook Friday, Feb 24 2012 11:21AM

    Can’t Wait for it 🙂

  3. Simon Baker on Facebook Friday, Feb 24 2012 11:23AM

    Looks awesome. Andy’s Gutplate is an awesome idea 😉

  4. Andrew Lawrence on Facebook Friday, Feb 24 2012 11:24AM

    why I oughta..*waves fist in the air* You cheeky ginger monkey!!!

  5. Craven @ ROTDOG Friday, Feb 24 2012 11:31AM

    Hmm, mixed feelings about this one. Halflings are a great idea but Ogres? I cant see this working out well for anyone.

  6. Andrew Lawrence on Facebook Friday, Feb 24 2012 11:41AM

    No i know, Ogres are a bit odd, but ill be interested to see what action cards they have specifically for them, and to see what their character creation points are…

  7. Lol Craven on Facebook Friday, Feb 24 2012 11:47AM

    Yeah, it will come down to that really

  8. Robin Bell on Facebook Friday, Feb 24 2012 12:43PM

    Ogres where always there in the backstory of the empire, things just got a bit muddied when it was decided they should have their own army book… They were a dispersed people who lived in small groups, or solitary, always as Mercenary/muscle types… Bloody gw and the flashing ‘£££’ signs… Damn you, damn you all, especially Joe Lawrence

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