Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay is Getting a New Edition

The new WHFRP Book has been available to pre-order from Cubicle 7 since the UK Games Expo at the beginning of June, with the intention of shipping the PDF Copies first and then the physical copies afterward.

They have had several preview articles on their website, and I am going to focus on each one in detail in their own posts.

I’ll include pictures where I have them and also links to the articles on the cubicle 7 Website so you can have a little look over there as well.

This article is just a quick overview of the game as I understand it up to this point and a quick look at the way the game will work.

4th Edition is going back to the traditional D100 or D% dice system of the first two systems. I doubt there will be a lot of comparisons between it and the FFG 3rd Edition version, but if I see any I will be sure to make them.

There is an interesting new layer to Combat, called the advantage layer, and I’ll cover that in the next post about WHFRP as they have released an article on the combat rules.

They have also released some info on the careers available, and although they look very similar to the previous editions (including 3rd) they have introduced a grouping system that pops similar careers into “Classes” in a similar way the Keywords in 3rd edition did.

The first article we are going to look at is the Character Stat Line and how they have defined the various stats in this edition, so keep an eye out for that article coming soon!

Let me know what you think about the new version and if you have pre-ordered the new rules from Cubicle 7. or if you haven’t and want to Click Here to do so, while you can!

See you on the flipside

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