Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 4e – Combat Preview

For today’s preview we are going to look at a post that Cubicle 7 posted on their Facebook page concerning Combat.

I’m not going to copy and past it here, as you should rad the whole thing in its entity there, but id like to raise a few points and give my two pence worth on some of them.

One of the big things that comes out of the post is that they are introducing an mechanic called “Advantage” they describe it as

One of the new mechanics we introduced to help with this in combat is called Advantage. You can gain Advantage from sources including Surprise, Charging and winning an Attack Test. Each point of Advantage gives you +10 to your Attack Tests, and represents you pressing your foe back, gaining control of the space, gaining confidence, leaping onto the table, kicking sand in their face, or whatever you feel is appropriate to the battle at hand.” 

This bonus can stack and it is reset after you fail an attack test, take a wound or generally fluff your combat action. The point i picked out of that paragraph is not actually advantage, which is clearly there to even out the massive differences that can exist between d100 statistics, but the phrase “Attack Test” Not just a Weapon or Ballistic skill test, but tack test. Delving a bit more in to the post i came across this paragraph

When you attack your foe, you both make a Weapon Skill Test and compare your success levels. If the attacker wins they will have the chance to do damage and gain a point of Advantage. If the defender wins, they don’t inflict damage but do gain the Advantage as they dodge or parry and take the upper hand. There is always an outcome from a combat round – the least that can happen is someone gains Advantage.

So Attacking in 4e is almost an opposed test but not quite. It doesn’t go in to to much more detail but it looks as if you and your opponent both roll for your weapon skill and the one with the most degrees of success, whatever a degree of success is, and how it compares to the actual Characteristic value, is yet to be revealed.

They do say however that its not just a PC mechanic, as this paragraph shows:

“But it’s certainly not all one-way traffic! Adversaries have special abilities that are powered by Advantage, so can become progressively more powerful. And there’s loads of fun times for the GM in deciding when to use monster abilities, or simply keep a bonus to hit.

And if your foes are building their Advantage up to truly scary levels, Characters can use a point of Resilience (more on this in a later preview) to remove it.”

So here we have the fact that adversaries will have special powers, and that we have something called resilience to help combat tricky situations.

There is some more info in the Facebook post about critical hits and conditions, but they only briefly mention them so there isn’t much to discuss on those apart from they exist at the moment.

Let me know what you think about the info released for the combat system and what you would like to see included or taken away!

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