Map 1: The Way In

Rosebyrne: Map 1 - The way in

Without any delay at all I thought I would post Map 1: Storage Rooms

This is the entrance area for the dungeon, the stairs lead down from the spinning secret door found in the wine cellar, in the basement of Rosebyrne Manor. As you can see the doors are filled in, but no other furnishings have been put in.

Im going to write a separate article on dungeon dressing so we can get to what to put in the rooms and why you should or shouldn’t do things then.

map-1-the-way-inFrom here on out who knows what the players will find. We will start with the maps, and the revisit them to see how they look in 3D with the tiles, and then what we can do with them game wise as well.

See you on the Flipside

Andy @ DMB

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