The Old Miniatures and 3D Scenery Kill Role Play Argument..

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One of the major things I try to get over to people is that just because your playing with miniatures and Dungeon tiles doesn’t mean your not roleplaying any more. I regularly get told its not role play if you use Miniatures and tiles, and i have even been accused of “helping to kill the ancient art of Roleplaying”  and yes thats a quote from an email I received.

Personally i think that mentality that using figures turns an RPG in to a board game, or ruins the art of role play is really short sighted and completely wrong, and the people that think that way are beardy old weirdos that are actually killing role play.


The models and tiles are there as a visual representation, the Role play comes form the players and the DM. It doesn’t matter if you are using scraps of paper, battle maps, 3D tiles or overhead projectors, its all about the descriptions.

You only have to look at the popularity of the D&D Boardgames like Castle Ravenloft or games like Descent and Imperial Assault to see people love the miniature and board campaign type thing.

I do think that using 3D scenery and miniatures can lead to people being lazy and not describing things as well as they would if they had nothing, but that’s the fault of the players not the scenery.

One thing the Rosebyrne maps don’t show you are any dressings, like furniture, or  secret doors or hidden alcoves or even things like trap doors in the floors or ceilings.

All these things can easily be slotted in to the dungeon using the Dungeon Tiles, for instance its not coincidence that the 2 Block Wall we do is the same width as the Door, or the Wall Spacer Tile, or that we do Accessory Packs of barrels and crates.

So to help you guys not fall in to this trap I am going to write a series of articles that help you describe the dungeon, from smells and air currents to furnishings and types of stone used in construction.

Each article will have a brief description of what the article is about, what i think on the subject, descriptions of things ti use and d20 table allowing you to randomly generate things quickly when you are creating your dungeons, or if you need to come up with something nice and quickly during a game.

Look for the first article soon, and let me know what you guys think about the Old Miniatures and 3D Scenery Kill Role Play Argument in the comment section!

Andy @ DMB


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