Star Wars: The Card Game – Studying The Force: Tribal Support

Time for a little shifty at a Neutral Set, this one is for the Light side and it contains some of the most irritating characters ever put on screen…. the Ewoks! YUB, YUB!

Tribal Support


What can I say about this objective? It’s petty standard with 5 damage capacity and one resource. And it’s another objective set that helps you out over the length of the game. There is a limit of one per deck, which is too bad since that hinders its ability as the only objective to contain those little furry Ewok bastards. The objective set’s reaction ability allows you to exchange a card from your hand to pick up an Ewok unit from your discard pile. The problem is there are only 2 Ewok units in the game so far and they are both in this objective set. So at the moment, the objective is pretty useless…

Depending on how the force pack cycles go though, they may well do an Endor cycle, in which case we will see a bunch more Ewoks flailing around on the table…

Ewok Scout


You get two copies of this card in the objective set. Now these are actually quite nice little units and it’s a shame you don’t get more. Their two cost for one damage capacity is fairly good, and the ability to stop an enemy unit from being declared as a defender during that engagement is useful if your opponent has over stretched themselves and you need to sneak a couple of extra undefended damage points through on multiple objectives. 

They don’t even have enough force dots to be of any use during the edge battle, so they are only useful at stopping your opponent from declaring specific units to defend. Yes, that does mean an Ewok could stop Darth Vader, or an entire fleet of Star Destroyers, from being able to defend…

Log Trap

ffg_log-trap-core-17-4This is probably one of the most annoying cards in the game so far…

If you are not content with your Ewoks stopping people from being able to defend with their big units, stick a focus token on one of them to discard a target enhancement from play. That’s right, Ewoks can remove an Orbital Bombardment, or a Control Room from play… don’t ask me how, they just can… *sigh*

This is the only card in the set that is really helpful in an edge battle, but with it being so specific and doing such a great job when played, it’s hardly worth considering using it for that.

This is the sort of card that makes me glad you can only include one of these per deck!

Yub Yub! (x 2)


The last card in this deck is just as irritating as the others and has more Ewok tomfoolery written all over it. The saving grace about this card is that you have to have an Ewok in play to use it and, as discussed frequently above, there are only 2 you can put in your deck at the moment.

I always find myself reminding people (yes, Mark, I’m talking about you) that if a card says discard a target X from play you can play them on your own cards or your opponents cards. In this case, Yub Yub! could be used to remove enhancements from play that have a hinderence effect on your own characters as well as ones that help your opponent. And that’s all for zero resource cost, just a focus token on one of your ‘woks…

This is yet another card that’s going to be very useful once we start seeing an Endor Cycle!

Final Thoughts

Well, what can I say about this objective set…   they’re really and truly are some amazingly irritating cards in this set. Irritating for your opponent because, let’s face it, they remove enhancements, and irritating for you in that you are limited when you can use them because of the lack of Ewok unit cards currently available. 

The other thing that lets this objective set down is that it doesn’t have is a great Edge or Balance phase presence.  The Edge and Balance phases are so important in the game that even if with just 5 cards in your deck that affect tohse phases, you’re lessening your chance of winning important parts of the game.

I find Ewoks to be one of the most annoying cinemagraphic creations of all time, and that’s perfectly replicated in this set! It makes, for me, one of the more fluff-worthy of objective sets created so far in the game, which is actually quite impressive.

This is not an objective set I will be using any time soon, but watch out for lots and lots of Ewok-heavy decks when we get to Endor!

See you on the flipside!



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