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Welcome back to Studying the Force! Hopefully you read the first article in the series which talked about Emperor Palpatine's objective set, The Emperor's Web.

This time I thought I would talk about a Jedi Objective set, and in trying to keep some kind of theme going I have selected the Jedi equivalent of the wrinkly, leather-faced menace that is Emperor Palpatine. That's right, it's everyone's favourite muppet, and Kermit's Great, Great, Great (insert lots of greats) grandfather, Yoda!

Let's start with the objective, from objective set two of the game:

In You Must Go


Now this is a great objective, providing you're going to take advantage of the enhancements in the game. This beats the Emperor's Web because it is simply the first enhancement that you play, not just the first Jedi Enhancement. So, it will work with any enhancement card you play, from the various recourse cards like Dagobah Training Grounds, or the various lightsabers, or even astromech-droid enhancements for the rebel fleet.

It only provides one resource and it has a respectful 5 damage points so it should float under the radar for a bit before the dark side player realizes it's been helping you flood the field with enhancements, by which time it will hopefully be too late!


Here he is, the green master of jumbled sentences, who has unfortunately been sold out to Vodaphone….


We all know that Yoda is the mac daddy, the one and only, the man with a plan!

This version of Yoda is before he was hit with a corporate sell out and back to the good old Jedi training times.

You can see straight away from his card that he goes hand-in-hand with the above objective. For each enhancement that he has attached to him, he gains an edge enabled unit damage and an objective damage (That's what the icons in square brackets means, they are equivalent to the white icons on the cards).

I wonder what enhancements you might choose to put on him? I am pretty sure I can find some a bit later…

It is worth noting for those of you out there wondering, this triggers no matter who controls the enhancement. So, if your opponents want to try to hinder him, he just gets stronger! Well he did lift an X-Wing out of the swamp, you know!

It's no wonder this card has 5 Force dots on it, he is a monster in both edge battles or if you were to commit him to the Force. Obviously, you may or may not want to focus him to strike and use his ability if he has lots of enhancements on him. I would definitely think about over-committing him to strike, even if you have him committed to the Force, as he is elite so you can remove that extra pesky token from him when you refresh.

Yoda does have one massive downside: the fact he only has a damage capacity of 2. This makes him amazingly squishy, but then again, he is only 3 resources to play!

Believer in the Old Ways


A nice & solid, no-nonsense unit. She's not the best that you will find, but useful in a few different ways. She's Force sensitive, so you can drop some simple enhancements on her, like a lightsaber, but she's not a Force user, so you can't make use of some of the better Jedi enhancements available out there at the moment.

At two cost with two health and only one unit damage guaranteed, I can see why some would play her, especially in the early stages of the game, but she's one of those cards I might hold in my hand or discard during the draw phase to try to get some of the better cards in this set, or other objective sets out and on the table.

Having said that, she is worth putting down if you can win an edge battle as she has the edge enabled objective damage icon, which could be enough to tip the balance in your favour…

Shii-Cho Training


At first glance this is an amazing enhancement, especially if you manage to get it on Yoda with the objective from this set out, and its your first enhancement of the turn…

You can see from that sentence above why it is amazing at first glance, but way, way, too specific. 

Now don't get me wrong, this is still a great enhancement and no reason to throw the objective set out of your deck, but the major issue with it is that it has to be attached to a Force User character. Not a Force-sensitive, a Force user.

As far as I am aware, there are about 4, possibly 5 characters in the core set with that keyword, and they are spread out across 4 or so objective sets.

I can see this card becoming the staple of many Jedi decks when the card pool deepens and more Force user units become available. Right now it's extremely situational, although it does have 2 Force dots on it, which makes it useful to win that edge battle!

If you can get it attached to the little green man we mentioned above, then his extra damage, along with the ability on this card make him a wrecking machine!

Dagobah Training Grounds


This is an enhancement that gives you one resource.

Generally that's pretty good. As discussed before, any cost reducers, especially ones that pay for themselves right away, are good.

Now take another look at the text on the In You Must Go objective set. Yes, yes, that's right, I just heard the penny drop for you. You can play this card for free as it only has a cost of 1, which gives you that extra boost if you can get it out as the first enhancement of the turn, which is never a bad thing!



Counter-Stroke is a good card to have around, especially with some of the events the dark side has access to. Yes, Force Choke and Force Lightning, I'm looking at you! 

Event cards tend to be the worst part of the Star Wars: The Card Game LCG, although that could be true of any card game. Having something around that will help you thwart your opponent's cleverly laid plans is always a bonus. Counter-Stroke also has two Force icons, so again its a good one to have in your hand for the edge battle!

Well, that's the end of the card reviews in this set.

The more I look at this objective set the more I like it. If you can get the right cards out at the right time, you can make Yoda a game winner, and the ability to cancel an event can be crucial to you winning the game altogether. I think I will be including this one in my deck for this weekend's Star Wars Regional!

'Til next time, I'll see you on the flipside!





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