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Here we are with another installment of Studying the Force.  This time we are looking at a Jedi objective set, Forgotten Heroes. This set features a couple of cards that are worth considering when you build a Jedi deck, but more importantly it includes Obi-Wan Kenobi, everyone's favourite silver-haired Jedi!

Let's get on with looking at this objective set then:

Forgotten Heroes

Forgotten Hero's

This objective has got a great ability for a Jedi deck. Card draw in Star Wars: The Card Game is king, so anything that allows you to draw cards for playing cards is pretty much an auto-include in any deck. 

Unfortunately, this ability is way too specific for the cards that are currently in the card pool, and abilities like this have a lot of the people that I have spoken to about the game buying two core sets to get anywhere near a competitive deck.

The text on this objective set is really specific. There is only 5 cards in the core set that are Force Users, as far as the Jedi are concerned. So even if you double up on core sets, use all of the  Force Users you need, and you stick to the minimum 10 objective sets, it is still a one-in-five chance of triggering this ability. Not great odds to build a deck around and not a good enough mechanic to power a Jedi Deck, but it could be argued that as this set has two Force User units, its worth it just for that.

It could just be a bit too specific to actually be a solid mechanic in a deck, but hopefully as the cycles and Force packs churn out, then this is something that will be addressed and allow a Jedi Force User deck to become viable.

Obi-Wan Kenobi


Well here he is, the man that this objective set is all about, old Obi-Wan himself. Let's start with the negatives that I can see from his card.

He is expensive at 6 resources, and he only has a damage capacity of 3. That's it, really, although they are quite large downsides to this card.

On to the positives – he is Elite, which helps him avoid being focused out for turns on end. He has a unit damage and a focus token on him that will trigger when out focus him to strike, and another tactics icon and a blast damage if you win the edge battle. That means that if you want to focus him to the Force you can still have him as a viable attacker or defender, as he will lose both tokens during the next refresh phase. He does have 4 force dots as well, so that's not always a bad idea.

Winning the edge battle with him to trigger his extra icons is actually easier than you might think. His text says that when he is participating in an engagement your opponent must play the first card of their edge stack face up. This helps you stop your opponent from sneaking in a twist of fate or a big hitting card to snatch the edge away from you with one card, and it makes it harder for your opponent to try and bluff you with single cards.

All in all he's a useful card. Oh, and he's a Force User as well, which is pretty handy considering the objective set ability…

Jedi in Hiding


The Jedi in Hiding is our second Force User unit in this objective set, so that's 2 of your 5 already accounted for…

This is a solid all-around unit. It's inexpensive at only 2 resources, but a bit weak with only 1 damage capacity. In combat, it has two unit damage and an edge-enabled blast damage, which makes it useful as a "chump" blocker, just make sure you can focus her to strike before your opponent. 

Other than that it's not good for much else. It has one force icon and no special abilities, but in comparison to the expensive cost of old Obi-Wan, she's a solid backup unit for this objective set.

Jedi Mind Trick


This is a perfect card in my opinion. It's full of the fluff that we all love, it's cheap, and it fits perfectly into the ethos of the Jedi.

At a cost of just one resource, you can put a focus token on any character or creature unit card. That becomes two, that's right – two focus tokens on them, if the Balance of the Force is with the light side! Let's face it – if it's not then you're in heap of trouble anyway! 

The fact that this card is an event that you can play at anytime as long as you have the resources is great. How about doing it after your opponent's refresh step to be really irritating, or just before they declare attackers (or defenders!) to really screw with their plans!

Keep in mind there actually isn't any player action windows during the Force phase, so make sure you use this at the right time to keep the balance of the force with you!

Our Most Desperate Hour


Shields. What can I say about a card that gives you shields… Well, I can tell you shields are pretty damn good, thats what I can tell you! Whats better than one shield? TWO shields baby, double shielding! 

This is the card that allows you to do that!

Anyway, the reason that's so good is because a shield allows you to ignore a focus token put on the shielded card, which is normally an Objective card – or as is the case with this card a character, or ignore a point of damage.

Whats better than putting shields on a unit? Putting them on for FREE! I love zero resource cards!

This card has only got one Force icon though, so try not to use it in an edge battle. It would be a waste of this card if you did!

Heat of Battle


Not much to say about this one. It's an awesome fate card, only usable in edge battles where not only does it damage a participating enemy unit, but it also has two force icons. Simple really!

Final Thoughts

This is an average objective set for me. It has some card draw in it which we all know by now is uber-important as far as playing the game is concerned, but it's pretty damned specific, and with the limited card pool available, it's not of terrific use really. It's a good support set though, if you need to fill out cads, or you want to include Obi-Wan because he's awesome. In my opinion, the whole Objective set is a little under-powered and a little over-costed compared to the rest of the objective sets out there at the moment.

The problem with most of the cards in this objective set, is that they are too specific to be of any use against all decks, but could pull off some amazing tricks if your opponent happens to have the right (or wrong) kind of deck. 

The two cards that really save this objective set are Our Desperate Hour and Heat of Battle, but those two are not worth weighing your deck down with the other dross that sits in this objective set.

Once there are more Jedi Force User units you will want to throw this one in to the mix, but until then leave it with old Ben Kenobi across the Dune Sea, as it deserves to be placed in exile with him until a time when it's needed the most.

Untill the next one, as always,

See you on the Flipside




  1. Simon Baker on Facebook Friday, May 31 2013 10:07AM

    Wrong. Best part about Star Wars is Force Choke and Force Lightning.
    That and crushing the rebel scum.

  2. Lol Craven on Facebook Friday, May 31 2013 10:13AM

    And Ewoks.

  3. Simon Baker on Facebook Friday, May 31 2013 10:18AM

    Ewoks were an early warning on the Jar Jar / Gungan abomination that was to follow.

  4. Simon Baker on Facebook Friday, May 31 2013 10:19AM

    It almost makes me angry enough to like Star Trek. But then I come to my senses.

  5. Lol Craven on Facebook Friday, May 31 2013 10:49AM

    Makes pulling off a yub yub even more satisfying.

  6. Andrew Lawrence on Facebook Friday, May 31 2013 10:50AM

    Shut up… both of you… Ewoks is my next blog post and i hate them…

  7. Andrew Lawrence on Facebook Friday, May 31 2013 10:51AM

    and yes Lol Craven it s your fault…

  8. Simon Baker on Facebook Friday, May 31 2013 11:04AM

    “pulling off a Yub Yub” not a phrase you hear often. Thank fuck.

  9. Andrew Lawrence on Facebook Friday, May 31 2013 11:06AM

    It is quite regular from Lol Craven…

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