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I have had a bit of a secret project on the go for a few months now, and I want to share it with you all.

Anyone who has been to a show and seen us has seen our Display board.

The old girl is just over 4 years old and in need of some serious updating, a bit of repairing and some of our new tiles added to it.

I love the display board, but it is about time we laid it to rest.

So we thought we would make a new board. The first thing we thought of was to do a bunch of small boards and have them spread around the stand for people to look at, which we will probably do anyway, but we like having a centerpiece for the stand, so we decided to go big!

Our Good Friend Richard is very handy with metal and has built us the first of two towers for us to have a multi-level board, and here it is in all its glory on the workbench in Richards workshop!

The Second tier will only be 2 high, and we are hoping for a third tier to be added as well.

The plan is to show a dungeon as it progresses down. The First layer which is 2′ x 2′   will be the entrance, so perhaps a secret door in a tavern, or a wilderness scene with a ruined tower and a set of spiral stairs down…

The next level which will be 2′ x 4′ will be a classic dungeon level, stonework, rooms, doors monsters etc. This will look similar to our current display board and will feature the Cracked Flag and the Fieldstone tiles we do.

The Bottom layer will be 2′ x 6′ and will be cavern tiles, with a river of lava flowing through it complete with bridge and most likely the shore of an underground lake as well.

Each level will be made up of Multiple 1ft square boards so that they can be transported easily, and also they can be changed out if we want to.

Here is a Gallary of some other pictures taken during the manufacturing process, some are a bit blurry but you’ll get the idea hopefully!

More news coming soon on this and ill share some of the new board designs in another post soon as well.

– Andy @ DMB


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