30′ x 30′ Room Set


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This is our small room set. This set has everything you need to make a 30′ x 30′ room. The set is made up from 15 modular pieces, that can be arranged in multiple layouts.

This set makes a great addition to a core set and is perfect for the entrance room for a dungeon or underground cellar complex. You can swap out one of the standard floor tiles for a Stair piece from your collection, and your off delving in to new dungeoney depths.

This Set Contains

All Floor Tiles in this Set are in the Cracked Flagstone Style, all Wall Tiles in this set are in the Gothic Style. Both wall and Floor tiles are supplied with a Gothic Grey Paint Finish

  • 1x Crossroads Tile
  • 4x Standard Floor Tiles
  • 4x 4 and 1/2 Block Walls
  • 2x 2 and a Half Block Walls
  • 2x Doorways

Made in the UK

All our pieces are hand made , hand painted and hand finished right here in the UK. We don’t outsource anything over seas and although the process is a long one we find that it gives the best product possible and we wouldn’t change it for the world!

From start to finish this involves a minimum of 9 stages (some colour schemes involve extra layers of paint.) From pouring the plaster to sealing, varnishing and sticking the felt on the bottom of the pieces. That’s not including the creation of each master piece and the making of the silicone moulds!

Tile Finishes

All of our Dungeon Tiles are hand cast, hand painted and finished by our DMB Studio Painters. The original masters are also designed and made by us using Hirst Arts Moulds, for which we are fully licensed to use.

All of our Dungeon tiles come in the color indicated, a clear topcoat, to seal the tile and help prevent paint chipping or rubbing off, and a soft thin felt bottom to help reduce scratches and scrapes on your playing surface, that also help to reduce tile movement during use.

As each tile is Painted and finished by hand, we try to make sure that all the tiles that go into one set are are painted together, to try to minimize colour variation that comes with hand painting them. You may get some colour variance due to the way the tiles are painted.

Custom colour schemes are available, as are variations on the colours available for each tile. Please click here for more information on custom paint schemes.

What Are The Pieces Made From?

All of our standard pieces are made of high quality, high density, high strength resin infused Alpha Plasters, which contain high quantities of Gypsum (the stone bits in plaster.) 

We use Alpha Plasters because they give the tiles a perfect weight and feel, it also helps to prevent the plaster from chipping during use.

Additional information

Floor Tile Styles

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Wall Tile Styles

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Paint Scheme

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