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This is a set of tiles designed to replace the cardboard tiles in the Mantic Dungeon Saga core game. In the set you get enough pieces to make all of the tiles in the set, but we have left them generic enough, and in some cases broken the tiles down in to several sections, to make them easier to store, transport and to keep them usable for your other games as well!

Mantic’s Dungeon Saga is a great Dungeon Crawler, and is set to be one of the classics. We love the game so much we have decided to create a set of tiles specifically to replace the tiles within the core game box. This set comes with 8 brand new pieces that are not available anywhere else on our site, they where created just for this set!

In this set you get 46 individual Floor Tiles consisting of the following:

1x Throne Room Tile Part A*

1x Throne Room Tile Part B*

1x Long T Room Part A*

1x Long T Room Part B*

2x Pillar Half Room Tiles*

2x H Rooms*

2x Short T Rooms*

1x 4×4 Floor Tile

1x 2×4 Floor Tile

3x 3×4 Floor Tiles

10x 3×3 Tiles

2x 2×3 Tiles

4x 2×2 Tiles

2x 5′ Narrow Corridor Crossroads

5x 5′ Narrow Corridor L-corner

1x 5′ Narrow Corridor Y Corridor Tile*

3x 1×3 Floor Tiles

4x 1×2 Floor Tiles

*Indicates new piece created for this set and not available anywhere else on our site.

This set contains an incredible 426 individual inch squares of dungeon floor tile!

All models on display in this picture where painted by the uber talented Jason Frowde of Painting Knights

NOTE: As always its safe to say this web site and the accompanying products are completely unofficial and in no way endorsed by Manitic Games. The tiles work perfectly with games like Dungeon Saga, but can also be used for any other kind of board game or RPG situation you may get you and your players in to.

Made in the UK

All our pieces are hand made , hand painted and hand finished right here in the UK. We don’t outsource anything over seas and although the process is a long one we find that it gives the best product possible and we wouldn’t change it for the world!

From start to finish this involves a minimum of 9 stages (some colour schemes involve extra layers of paint.) From pouring the plaster to sealing, varnishing and sticking the felt on the bottom of the pieces. That’s not including the creation of each master piece and the making of the silicone moulds!


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