ROTDOG Product Review: Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay: Hero's Call Unboxing Review: Part 1

This is the first Unboxing article I have written, and no doubt it will need to be split in to several articles so that you guys will actually be able to read it!


Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay is a great system, and im pleased that our first Unboxing Product review is about an expansion for this great system that has really come on leaps and bounds since FFG have taken over the publishing of it.


Lets get down to it, on first impressions the box is very much like the other WHFRP boxes, it has lovely artwork on the outside, and is constructed of good quality cardboard



Upon opening the box, I began to pull out the contents. There is pack of career sized cards, which although the top card is the Warrior priest career will no doubt hold some GM cards as well.


The small card packet has a multitude of cards in it, including cards with the Epic keyword, and more miscast cards for you aspiring wizards out there.


The medium sized car packet is stuffed with new monster, action and item cards, which I will get to in a few moments.


There are two items remaining in the pack, one that is standard for every WHFRP expansion, can you guess what it is.. yes thats right its the cut out packet. More tokens, and character stand ups.


There are two sheets of press out cardboard in this set, and ill let you know what I think of it when I get to it.


The last is a double sided map, that is not on a cardboard sheet like most of the other large maps. It is bigger than the normal GM handouts you get in the set.

It is about the width of an A4 page and about 3 or so inches high. It shows the surrounding countryside of the town of Teufeltal, which after having a quick look at the adventure in the back of the Hero's call book, is what “The Art of Waaaagh” is based in and around. Again more on this later in the section about the book.


The reason I mention this map is that its very nice and is printed on high quality paper, but thats the problem it printed on paper, the corner of the map is already slight ly curled, and thats just from taking it out of the box, i'm not sure i'm happy about that at all…


My advice, instantly stick it inside the front cover of the book, that should keep it safe for now.


Anyway on tot he separate parts that make up the whole of the Hero’s call Expansion.


Small Cards


There are a lot of cards in this little bag. 7 new miscast cards, 28 Talent cards, 6 new Condition cards, 12 new Conditions, 17 new epic Order and Faith Cards, and six new wound cards.


Now i'm not going to go in to detail about all of them, but there is a wealth of great stuff in there. The new epic Order and Faith cards allow you to customise the advanced level wizard career cards making your wizard even more in tune with his wind of magic.


The Wound cards are nasty, and believe me when I say you don’t want your character turning one of these in to a critical.


For example, Mortal wound, has a severity of 4 and stops you from recovering from other critical wounds while you have it as a critical wound…. Not good fro the Troll Slayer!!


There are too many great Talent cards to go in to, but it is worth noting some of them have the Epic keyword, while some do not, so this set give you options for your characters before they hit the Epic level, which is a nice touch.


Medium Cards


I had a surprise when I opened these cards, there are a large number of creature cards in the set, but the reason fro this is that they have included some of the Old Worlds most loved and hated Villans.


Thats right you can now use Manfred Von Carstein, Grey Seer Thanquol or Archaon the Ever Chosen himself as the big bad shadow behind your campaign!


And believe me, the PC's are going to need a lot to overcome them!


There are a couple of new item cards, none really worth a mention here, other than perhaps the Gutplate for the new Ogre basic Career.

Like the other race specific careers, like the Sword Master and Iron Breaker the Ogre gets a special item card that gives it some extra defence.


The Action cards include Rank 4 and 5 magic spells for all the orders, and rank 4 and 5 Prayers for you pious character as well.


There are a lot of Monster powers in the set, allowing you to upgrade the weaker monsters with new powers, to make them a challenge for your Epic level PC's.


I am a little disappointed that there are not as many Character action cards as I would like, the ones they have included are indeed Epic though.


For example, One in each eye, a ranged action card allows you to shoot at two separate targets with one action, and deal extra damage to each, and with two boons ignore their armor soak…


Final Strike allows you to hit your enemy for normal damage plus the total severity of all critical wounds you are suffering at the time…


As I said there are not many but they are Epic!


In the next part of the review I will talk about the large character career cards and the slew of tokens that you receive in the set!


See you on the Flipside






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