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Here is a brief description of each of the classes that fall into the Warrior group:


The fighter is a jack-of-all-trades and master of none when it comes to weapons and armour. They can pick up almost any weapon and use it effectively in battle, often carrying multiple weapons to make sure they are ready for any combat situation, and pride themselves on being ready for anything.

Because they spend their time practising with multiple weapons and armours, they can only wear up to medium Armour, and use a light shield, anything over that requires more study and would eat into the time devoted to learning new fighting styles, and weapon techniques.


Knights are warriors that have pledged their life to the service of a place or patron, sometimes a monarch, but also, they can serve another institution, or in some extreme cases rich individuals. Expects on horseback and with exotic weapons such as the lance and weapons of pitched battles, like the Longbow, mace and sword.

Most Knights are landed gentry with titles and strongholds of their own, they are quite often arrogant and haughty, treating others with disdain and prejudice. With a lot of the noble families and important dignitaries of the area went missing when Lord Kladius invited them to the manor, has left a lot of knights without a patron, or trying to uphold their lost glory, some haunted ghosts of the past.

A lot of Knights have found that they can earn a good living helping adventuring parties and other settlements defend against the creatures roaming the land, even if it is while looking down their noses at the common folk.


The legendary berserkers of the mountain tribes are fond of battle. They long for the thrill of it, the noise that comes with the clash of metal on metal, the chaos that is the result of any melee, and the power they feel when they are crushing their enemies.

Berserkers are fond of working themselves up into a frothing rage before each battle. They tend to eschew defence for hitting people with big two-handed weapons after all the best defence is chopping them in too little bits before they can hit you.

They prefer to wear light Armour, which gives them some form of protection whilst not getting in the way of them moving quickly about the battlefield caving foes heads in.


The Defender is someone who learned at an early age they could take a beating and still get up and walk away, or hit back.

They often throw themselves in harm’s way to stop others from getting hurt, and they are masters of wearing, and using Armour to their advantage. They are masters of any kind of armour but often prefer heavy, sometimes fortified suits of Scale and Plate mail as these tend to offer greater protection.

Defenders often use their armour as a weapon to attack their foes landing blows against them, as well as to defend themselves and their friends. The speed at which Defenders can move in Heavy armour has served as a deadly shock to some.


Whether leading a charge at the front of a group of allies or directing the flow of battle from the command tent on a battlefield the Warlord can both inspire his allies and terrify his opponents in equal measures.

All Warlords are masters in the art of war, a Warlord’s body is a just as much of a destructive force, as his mind is a tool of strategy, using these things to his advantage he exerts his will on the battlefield, shifting the combatants and bending outcomes to suit his needs.

Although trained warriors, a Warlords main weapon is his will, and with it he can turn the tide of a battle shattering armies and civilisations, or saving them.


As masters of close quarter combat Duellists employ a wide range of weapons and items to ensure their victory. They excel in sword play and often use their skill and technique to quickly disable an opponent before they can strike.

Favouring quick light weapons like the rapier or short sword they use their quick feet and sharp eyes to find the chink in their enemies’ defences and strike. They tend to be more reckless than the other warriors, and are often quick to anger, judge and react.

Some Duellists have been known to dodge incoming blows with extraordinary speed, including parrying arrows and crossbow bolts, and catching and returning daggers and axes launched in their direction.


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