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Some of you may have noticed that last week we were lacking the Maps… apparently something went wrong with the auto poster I use and I lost some of the posts to those pesky internet Goblins, and I didn’t notice it until Friday, So now I have fixed it and we shall be moving on again.

To make up for this you guys will be getting two Maps a day this week, starting today to bring us back up to speed.

We will also be journeying down to Level 2 of the Dungeon.

As you descend deeper int o the maze of rooms and corridors under the Manor House you notice a palpable change in the environment. It is danker, darker than the relatively clean and light basement of the house. The stone floor is slick with moss and mould, with water pooled in stagnant puddles. The air is thicker, and more viscous down here, and smells fetid and has a strange taste to it, not quite metallic like blood, but close enough that you have to keep checking you haven’t cut your mouth.

There is very little light down here, almost as if the torches and lanterns you can see on the walls are burring lower, as if afraid to shine brightly, as the flicker in their holders and sconces. there is very little noise down here, apart from the creaking of your armor and the sound of your boots scuffing on the stone floor, although you cant be sure but if you concentrate you think you can hear a faint rhythmic chanting echoing down the corridor in front of you…

You press on, determined to find out what is causing this odd environment, and the upset to the town and its people..

The Maps will look different to represent the change in enviroment, and hopefully you guys will like them.

Maps incoming shortly!

Andy @ DMB 



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