What is Rosebyrne Manor?

Rosebyrne Manor is a Dungeon Delving board game for 1-6 Players with a difference.

The game has an overall story, with a definitive beginning and end to it. There is no fixed quest layouts or set goals to get from the start to the end. The route the players take to get there is randomly generated with a choice of 30 quests, a randomized board layout, and customisable encounter decks; no two games should be the same!

The mechanic is based on a custom D12 success system, with opposed combat rolls and a campaign and experience system that will allow you to take one of the 10 base characters to heights only dreamed of by most adventurers.

The game is set in and around the town of Rosebyrne:

“For almost a century, the mansion of Lord Kallidus has lain empty and abandoned after he and his family mysteriously disappeared. Over the years, more and more adventurers have traveled to the town of Rosebyrne to take a stab at the nearby Manor’s hidden wealth and unknown possibilities.

 The town is reaping the benefits from newfound interest in the remains of their former master’s house, but some say that darkness has crept back into the old home. A fell wind drives through the town at night and wicked things creep around its outskirts. Rumors swirl of lights shining from the manor house and worse…

The old Rosebyrne Manor is a gigantic mansion built off the northern edge of the town. Many of its rooms have lain undisturbed for a century. Others are under the influence or even inhabited by dark and sometimes disturbing forces.

No one has ever been able to properly map the labyrinthine halls of Rosebyrne Manor, as the portion above ground is merely the tip of an iceberg of granite chambers and cobwebbed passages.

Things dwell in the deep parts of the Manor, some lone horrors and others as rag-tag bands of creatures, and all of these things are hungry for food, wealth and power.”

The players will need to work together, using all of their characters skills to survive their adventures in the old manor house, and the surrounding town of Rosebyrne, as they start off seeking the now famous wealth of the mansion, and end up uncovering a sinister plot to bring the power of the gods to the leader of a crazed cult of death worshipers.