Reaper Bones II Part 1: Smashes its Funding Target within one hour of being up!

There wasn’t enough to room to get everything included on one blog post so i have decided to split them up in to two posts, this one is about the models you get for your $100 pledge, and the other one is about what you can get if pledge a few more dollars .

Well, i knew it was going to be popular but this is amazing. We are 4 hours in to the latest Reaper Kickstarter, and they are currently 2026% funded, (thats not a typo) which is a massive $606,870 (at time of typing this article, ill let you know what its up to when i have finished!

I have had 21 updates so far, and some of the add ons and included items are amazing.

Ill list the one i have received so far for you below, but seriously if you have not pledged yet, go do it, its well worth it!

Lets start with whats being given away with your original pledge of $100.

$52,000: Heroes

The First included Add-on is a set of Heroes



Have to say i am loving these. One of my favourite Reaper models of all time is included in this lot, and thats the Half Orc Rouge. I think the Sorcerer model with the fire in his hands is a cool sculpt as well.

$100,000: Dungeon Monsters

The Next set is some Classic Dungeon Monsters


Loving the Carrion Crawler and the Roper from this set.

$150,000: Pathfinder Heroes

I knew there would be some Pathfinder bits and pieces, considering Reaper produce the model range for the game, after doing the well known heroes from the core rule book in the last Bones Kickstarter i wasn’t sure what they would have left..



They don’t disappoint, these are lovely. The Monk is amazing, and the Samurai is pretty cool.

$200,000: Bugbears and Gnolls

Some solid monsters here, nothing as great as the other sets so far but nothing really terrible either..


$250,000: Shambling Dead

You can never have enough undead…


Loving the Armoured skeletons, i hope they add this set, to the add-ons so i can get multiples of them, they are great!

$303,000: Dungeon Decor

You can never have enough props for your dungeon.


My only problem with this is its not enough. one set of crates and one set of barrels, isn’t going to be useful enough..

$357,000: Bully For You!

Everyone loves Gorgons…


Two lovely models again here, loving the Gorogn!

$413,000: Beast Mode

I don’t need to say anything about this one, horn’s baby, HORNS!!!


$471,000: Pathfinder Heroes II

Still more hero models i hear you cry?


Not as good as the first set, and im not sure what the two in the corners are but i like the paladin and the fighter enough to let them slide…

$31,000: Lesser Demons

Its so hard to get good Demon and Devil figures, and these are amazing!


$598,000: Savage Worlds

Some slightly off Fnatasy models here, showing the diversity of the Reaper range.

598kGoalLoving the Zombie Gun Fighter and the pile o Skeleton monster thing, ill be painting that bad boy up as soon as it arrives!

Well that’s all the free bits, up till now, so what can you pay extra for? Look out for the next post coming soon, to show you what you can add extra to your pledge to get the extra cool bits!


(They are on $622,180 which is a gain of around $15,ooo in about as many minutes!)


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