Random Tables: Omens

Welcome to a new Feature for our Blog, Random Tables.

It’s all pretty simple, we have put together some tables to help create and run a RPG Game. Some of them will be specific to game systems, some are generic, some are either the tables are used by rolling a D12 for a random effect or choose an option if you prefer.

We have all sorts of table as part of this series but today we are going to kick off the series with a table of Omens.

Random Table: Omens

Omens area an event regarded as a portent of good and or evil, and in an RPG setting they can be used either as a portent for things to come, as a tease for the player characters to help shape the story and investigate or not as they see fit or just a random event meant to help solidify the game word and show that not everything is tied to the heroes or their quests.

D12 Omen
1 An ominous roll of thunder peals across the sky, even though the sky is clear, without a cloud in sight
2 A Small Black dog is sitting in the middle of the road ahead of you, with its back to you. It doesn’t move as you approach it, no matter what side you look at it from, it is still facing away from you.
3 A heavy rain shower starts, and a shaft of sunlight shines on one character for a few moments like a spotlight, then the cloud cover blocks it out again.
4 A lone large yellow flower is growing in the middle of the path, with no other flora in the immediate area.
5 Several dead birds drop from the sky, landing around the players feet.
6 A shadow drifts over the party., although there is nothing in the immediate are that could cast the shadow
7 After a rainstorm, the players notice several of the puddles that have formed on the cobbled streets appear to be pools of blood rather than rainwater.
8 The earth shakes violently for a few seconds, but it’s enough to knock the characters off balance, although nothing and no one else seems to be affected by it.
9 The sun bursts through an over clouded sky, illuminating a point of interest or a branch of the road, highlighting the way.
10 A beautiful white stag dashes on to the path in front of the Characters, Stops, looks at each one of them then dashes on through the undergrowth and into the forest on the other side of the road.
11 A magpie sits at the side of the road.
12 A Mirror falls of the wall and breaks, just as a character passes it.

Check back regularly to see what else we come up with on our Random Tables.

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