Project Rosebyrne – Sneak peaks

With Project Rosebyrne,our first adventure path, and 3D Scenery product nearing its completion, I thought I would post up a few snippets from the adventure for you guys to have a look at!

The project has been a collaboration of a few different members of ROTDOG staff, but most of the hard work has been put in by the very talented Andrew Babcock, so give him all the Kudos he deserves it really is shaping up to be a brilliant product!

The first bit I am going to show you is a snippet of the introduction to the adventure!

For almost a century, the mansion of Lord Kallidus has lain empty and abandoned after he and his family mysteriously disappeared.  Over the years, more and more adventurers have traveled to the town of Rosebyrne to take a stab at the nearby structure’s hidden wealth and unknown possibilities.  The town is reaping the benefits from new found interest in the remains of their former master’s home, but some say that darkness has crept back into the old home.  A fell wind drives through the town at night and wicked things creep around its outskirts.  Rumors swirl of lights shining from the manor house and worse…

The old Rosebyrne Manor is a gigantic mansion built off the northern edge of the town.  Many of its rooms have lain undisturbed for a century.  Others are under the influence or even inhabited by dark and sometimes disturbing forces. No one has ever been able to properly map the labyrinthine halls of Rosebyrne Manor as the portion above ground is merely the tip of an iceberg of granite chambers and cobwebbed passages.  Things dwell in the deep parts of the Manor, some lone horrors and some organized bands of creatures, and all of these things are hungry for food, wealth and power.  

Mr. Babcock has done us proud with his descriptions of the mansion and of the are around Rosbyrne manor. There are several locations in the surrounding area fleshed out and bought to life, including NPC's that can be encountered there, and how they react to the pesky adventurers that have started floodign to Rosebyrne..

I particularly like one of the NPC's an Elf by the name of Asterion who can be found at the Stone Ring outside of the village. Lets take a little look at his description!


Tall and broad-shouldered for an elf, the old druid Asterion strikes an imposing figure with his antlered headdress and flowing brown robes.  He is the central guardian of the Stone Ring and a leader of the forest denizens within the Yawning Woods. 

His deep voice is kind, but stern, and he is the only reliable source for rituals and scrolls on which the citizens of Rosebyrne can depend.  Those that know of him travel to the Stone Ring to seek his counsel and exchange goods for the magical services he can provide.

As the project reaches its conclusion, I will be adding sneak previews of the 3D terrain, art work, maps and more that will go together to finish this great product!

Stay tuned for more!




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