Starter Set: The Dungeon

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The starter set is perfect for those who want to see what the tiles are like without diving into the deep end with our a core set or to add to increase the size of their collection easily.

All our tiles and accessories are crafted, cast, and painted and finished by hand. They have lots of intricate details that vary from style to style, but all enhance your tabletop gaming experience.

This Set Contains:

  • 4x Cracked Flagstone Internal Wall Spacers

  • 2x 1x2 Cracked Flagstone Floor Tiles

  • 5x 2x2 Cracked Flagstone Floor Tiles

  • 2x L-Corner Cracked Flagstone Floor Tiles

  • 1x T-Junction Cracked Flagstone Floor Tiles

  • 4x 4 Block Gothic Wall Tiles

  • 4x 2.5 Block Gothic Wall Tiles

  • 4x 2 Block Gothic Wall TIles

  • 4x 1.5 Gothic Block Wall Tiles

  • 1x Dungeon Doorway with Door in the Gothic Wall style
  • 1x Dungeon Archway with Door in the Gothic Wall style

Each Block of our wall tiles is an inch long.

Each Individual Square on our tiles are 1 Inch Square.

Our wall tiles are designed to sit on the outside of our floor tiles, or between them.

While they will sit on top of the tiles, the surface of the dungeon floor tiles is not always perfectly flat and can cause balance issues.