Gadrin Daehew – Male Dwarven Fighter

Gadrin Daehew – Male Dwarven Fighter

Character Description

Gadrin was exiled from his homeland under the Cindersmoke Mountains. The Council of elders in the Smoke Hold found him guilty of the charges that had been bought against him, by one he used to trust. The charges found he was in dereliction of his duties and cast from his homeland. Although vague this is as much as anyone knows, about Gadrin’s life before he joined the other heroes in Rosebyrne, and Gadrin is not fond of talking about his past or what happened to him.

He struggled at first in the vastness of the surface world; he had never left the hold before and had no idea what he was to do. He spent a few days wandering the Yawning woods, not knowing how he was going to survive, he quickly learned that although the trees offered a roof over his head, it was one that he wasn’t going to be fond of.

One night he stumbled out of the edge of the woods, and spotted the lights of the town of Rosebyrne in the distance, he set off for the warm lights of lanterns. Upon reaching the town of Rosebyrne he found a tavern where his meager amount of gold bought him ale, which as he put it, he wouldn’t give to the beard-lings, but after realizing it was all he was going to get managed to choke it down.

Soon his money was running out, and having heard of the riches locked up in the Manor, Gadrin has decided to throw his lot in with some other adventurers and see what horrors lie beneath the ancient Manse, after all what has he got to lose, after all, he can never go home.

Physical Description

Gadrin, stands a little over 4 and half feet tall, with the wide shouldered, square physique of his race. He has a bulbous nose and sunken eyes. He is relatively young for a dwarf, although his recent experiences have aged him beyond his years.

Gadrin has dark brown eyes and black hair and beard that are starting to be streaked with the grey of age. He wears his hair long, but pulled back in to a top not when not wearing a helmet. His beard is braided and has memories braided in, old coins with holes drilled through the center, bones of monsters he has defeated, rings, bracelets and other jewelry. He also weaves pieces of stone, from the different areas he has been to, and is keen to add stone chips from the mansion to his collection.

Gadrin wears his old uniform, now stripped of any rank or insignia. It consists of an old, dented, and often repaired leather Jerkin, with metal plates on the shoulders and forearms. His gloves are made of the same leather with metal plates on the back and finger portions of them.


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