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A Print and Play Graphics light version of Rosebyrne Manor that you can print on your home printer and play at home with the Miniature, and Dungeon Tile resources that you have available.

Contains: 4 Rulebooks, over 200 Cards, Printable Tokens, 4 Playable Characters, A Custom Dice Mechanics (that can also be played using standard D12’s) and more!

In addition to being able to play the game at home you'll be added to mailing list for play testers, to help give us feedback and shape the future of the game. On the games general release, you will receive a £10 Discount voucher off the retail price, and if you do purchase the full game, you will also receive one of two special promo characters that will never be available in retail.

The Weblink to download folder will be emailed to you with in 48hrs of Purchase.