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This is Our Monthly Subscription Box. Get yourself a dungeon in a box!

Every month you'll receive a box of goodies from us, straight to your door.

Every Box will include:

  • Floor & Wall Tiles
  • Accessories
  • An Encounter using the Tiles in the current and past boxes

Also, you'll receive various extras in each box, either game idea booklets listing encounter ideas, traps, or other things to enhance your game, Dungeon maps that include encounters using the tiles in the subscription boxes, Cards for randomly generating dungeon and encounters.

Just pick the Wall and floor style that you would like and checkout to sign up for the subscripton.

There will also be special extras included in some of the boxes, new tiles, or accessories, that have not been released yet, or perhaps even some special DMB Merchandise!

Each subscription box will include a minimum of £30 worth of Dungeon Tiles and Accessories. 

Over the first 12 months of your subscription, you'll get all the tiles in our Core Set and more!

If you pay monthly you'll receive over £20 worth of free tiles and accessories across the 12 months plus all the extras and if you pay Quarterly you'll get an additional discount on the price of the box, (reducing it to £25 per box) meaning you will receive over a whopping £75 worth of free tiles across the first 12 months.

Each Box will be Charged on the 1st of each month, and the Box sent out on the 14th (or the nearest weekday if the 14th lands on a Weekend)

You are able to choose any of our Core Set Floors or Wall styles for your boxes, just use the Dropdown boxes above to select the styles you want.