Players Handbook Sneak Peak: The Paladin

So here we have another preview, everyone’s favourite do-gooder, the Paladin! Lets take a look at the pages first before we go in to much detail, so here they are:



There is not a lot of information on here, but there is the advancement table, showing us what the class abilities are. Some class abilities of note are Divine, Oath, Fighting Style and Divine Sense.

I wish I had more info on the Paladin, as I would love to see what the Archetypes, or Oaths as they are for the Paladin entail.

As with the Warlock, the section on creating a Paladin is ace. It gives you some real help with creating a background, getting you to think about the questions and events that drive a Paladin, and what might make someone answer the call of a holy warrior. We also see that Appendix B in the PHB will contain the Deities, and a few of them are listed, and i can see a few of the Forgotten Realms ones sneaking in on that list. Including my Favourite Tyr 🙂

The Paladin doesn’t seem to have changed very much, but until I see the full Paladin details i cant be sure.

Have a read of these and let me know what you think!

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