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DMB Games is a company that produces high-quality game terrain, and gaming accessories designed for Gamers by Gamers.

Every member of staff here at DMB has an interest in games of one kind or another, and more importantly in making amazing quality games, whether they are of the Dice, Card or Board Variety.

Here’s a selection of what we can offer you.

DMB Game Tiles

Hand Made and Hand Finished Gaming Tiles

Our Game Tiles are ideal for creating dungeon scenes, or they make an ideal base for displaying minis. All of our Dungeon Tiles are hand cast, hand painted and finished by our DMB Studio Painters.

All of our Dungeon Tiles are hand cast, hand painted and finished by our DMB Studio Painters. The original masters are also designed and made by us using Hirst Arts Moulds, for which we are fully licensed to use. All of our Game Tiles come in the color indicated, a clear topcoat, to seal the tile and help prevent paint chipping or rubbing off, and a soft thin felt bottom to help reduce scratches and scrapes on your playing surface, that also help to reduce tile movement during use.


Free Encounter Maps for you to use in your games

Level 2: Map 4 – Large L Shaped Room
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Level 3: Map 3 – Long Tall Room
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Level 2: Map 2 – More Angled Walls
Here we are with Map 2 – More Angled Walls. Open Doorways on this one… are there doors, are they
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Each one of these maps can be made from one of our core sets, or in some cases 2 core sets.


Unpainted 25mm Heroic Scale Polymer Miniatures

The Reaper Bones figures offer amazingly detailed minis from the best sculptors. Made from 10% recycled polymer plastic, they’re perfect for any RPG or tabletop game.

We love the Range and low cost of these figures and they fit our tiles perfectly, so we thought we would offer them to you as well!


Hand Made and Hand Finished Gaming Tiles

To add atmosphere to any RPG, tabletop game, or board game, take a look at our handcrafted accessories and furniture.

All of our pieces are made of high quality, high strength Alpha Plasters, which contain high quantities of Gypsum (the stone bits in plaster). And some of our newer pieces are made from Resin. We will be switching the whole product range to resin in the next 18 months or so.  


We produce original games and gaming accessories, including a range of tiles, walls, and accessories to liven up any gaming surface or figure display cabinet.

All products are handmade and hand finished right here in the UK! We are currently working on our first major board game release, Rosebyrne Manor but have many other projects lined up and ready to go.


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