New Rogue Trader Supplement Announced: The Koronus Bestiary

FFG has just announced a new Rogue Trader expansion: The Koronus Bestiary.

Looks like Rogue Trader gamers and those who play the other Warhammer 40k roleplaying games are going to get a boost in the beasties they can fight.

FFG has a new article on the subject which you can find by Clicking Here.

They also have a free PDF you can download detailing one of the monsters the horrific Terrorax!

Looking at the stats if this creature ink not sure I would want my Arbite from Dark heresy messing with one of them, even with his dual combat shotguns!

Clicking on the picture above (or Clicking Here) will open the PDF from the FFG website so you can see the beastie in all of its glory!

Take a look at the news article and let em know what you think about the book!


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