More Information on the new Talisman Expansion: The Dragon!

FFG has released a little more information about the new Talisman Expansion: The Dragon

I have to say I am really looking forward to this expansion, with a new double sided board that lays over the inner region, and a whole host of new cards Its shaping up to be a brilliant addition too the already amazing range for this classic board game.

Here is the blurb from the release article:


The dragon slayer could feel the air growing warmer as he tried stepping quietly up the stone stairwell. His axe haft felt warm in his hands. It seemed he’d fought his way through a horde of dragons to get inside the Dragon King’s tower.

And since he made his way inside, the dragons had only grown stronger. The last one nearly tore open his chest with its massive talons, but luck allowed him to escape with superficial cuts. Suddenly, the air rippled with heat and smoke.

An echoing voice called from further up the stairwell. “I hear you coming, manling. I hear your bootslaps and smell your sweat. I feel your heat and hear your pulse racing with each step. Come forward, slayer. Come forward and be destroyed.”

Danger lurks around every corner of the Dragon King’s realm. Prepare for an epic journey to the Crown of Command when The Dragon expansion for Talisman releases in the third quarter of 2011! 


With The Dragon expansion’s new dual-sided Inner Region overlay, characters can follow either one of two new routes toward their ultimate confrontation with the Dragon King. At first glance, the Dragon Realm appears much like the main game board’s Inner Region. However, characters need to adopt new tactics to pass through these lands, and their challenges grow deadlier as the numbers of dragon scales on the Draconic Lord Cards increase.

The Dragon Tower forces characters to inch their way up a long, curving stairway that spirals toward the Crown of Command. Characters do not roll dice to advance through the Dragon Tower, but must instead fight their way forward.

So Watch this space for more info on this product, and expect a post with lots of excited babaling when i get my copy of it!

Click Here for more information on this Expansion!

The Crown of Command is mine for sure!

Andy @ DMB


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