Memorial Tomb of Garn Patuul Board Build: Update 1

Memorial Tomb Map: Level 1

A little while ago I backed a great Kickstarter by the Hobby Shop Dungeon Facebook Page.

They have done a great job in keeping people up to date with what they are doing and where they are with the project. Here are a few of the pictures they have been posting:

Memorial tomb level 2memorial tomb outsideMemorial Tomb: 6 Mile He I’ll go in to more detail a bit later about what I think on the maps and the style and all that stuff, but for now lets just say that I like them, I like them lot.

This post though is about the logistics of taking on such a large dungeon build, and what needs to be done to make sure that the end result is as usable as possible and so that anyone who wants to use the dungeon tiles to replicate the Memorial Tomb with the DMB Dungeon tiles, just as I am, can without to much of an issue.


First things first, lets plan the build out.  Now the dungeon itself is massive (as you can see from the picture above) Each Square n the map is 10 foot square. That makes the map just under 600 feet x 600 feet.

That translates in to 1200 individual tiles x 1200 individual tiles. Now its not a solid mass so its not quite as scary as as it seems.

I am going to use the board to run the Memorial Campaign adventure when It arrives, but I also like the idea of creating this level as the new display board for when we take the Tiles to shows, such as Salute, and the UK Games Expo.

Which means I need to stick it down, to foam core, and to give it a solid base to make it easier to transport, and store. This is no different to how we have our current display board, nor is it difficult to do. It is on a much grander scale than what we have at the moment and it will involve large display spaces at shows, but that’s OK, its going to look amazing when done.

So if we take what we have already done for our display board and follow that methodology, we will need a bunch of 1 foot squares that go together to form the larger piece, easy right!

The question is where to start.

Well first of all I need to split the map up in to one foot square equivalents so that we can see what goes where, and here is the result:

adjusted map

The Blue shaded areas wont be built as they are empty squares. But that still leaves a 10 ft x 10 ft board with two sub boards as well.

Its clear from the map that the top right hand corner wont be made out of the dungeon tiles, as it involves grass, trees and water, so we can discount those squares for now, although ill need them for the final table.

Splitting the map up in to grid squares doesn’t quite work though, the tile system uses spacers to ensure that the floor grid is aligned with the internal wall pieces.


Each one of these spacers is a quarter of an inch thick, so when putting the board together, anywhere there is an internal wall ill have to make sure that the board sections are adjusted for that.

This is only a concern because I am going to make the structure permanent, on a specific size board, one foot square in this case. When you use the dungeon kits to create dungeons you don’t need to worry about it.

Next step is to decide what bit of the dungeon to start with. We have already discounted the Entrance which is at the top of the map, So I want to start with the middle piece, the large room that is numbered 8 on the map.

If you look at the map above then that translates to 6 1 x 1 boards. It’s important to build it as one large block in the middle because that will dictate how much of each room fits on what board by the time we add the spacers and the walls in.

So I am off to the local timber yard to get some 1 x 1 boards cut so I can start.

Next time ill talk about how many pieces actual tile pieces I need to form my middle 6 squares and how I’m going to build the individual 1 foot square tiles.

See you on the Flipside

Andy @ DMB


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