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Memoires of a Grumpy Gamer – Part 1. Climbing out of the rut. (Letting go of old friends)

How do you start these things? I thought maybe I should give you an autobiography of my gaming exploits up to this point but you should be relieved to know I don’t think it would be a good read and have decided to not put you through this.

However I will mention that I used to take part in both Clawhammer and faulty Kay battles. Also I must have roleplayed for hour upon hour using the various D&D rules. . The only other thing I will let you know about myself at this point is that I consider myself to have the trait of loyalty. That makes what I am about to say all the stranger.

On social media I see entry after entry from jaded gamers complaining about the games that we have grown up with. Grievances such as ‘The company never listens to our views’ and ‘The new edition is even worse than the last’ and even the most cynical of all, ‘The company is just releasing this to make money out of us’….You don’t SAY……!!!!

There are so many other games and systems out there just begging for you to play. I promise you there are some that won’t make you feel like pulling your hair out whilst wittering on about the inadequacies of the combat system or the unrealistic ‘line of sight’ rules

Let’s change the subject… Let’s imagine you are looking to buy a new car. The last four cars you have owned had been Panzer Rostlaube V6 marks 1, 2, 3 and 4. You had never been happy with the gearbox on any of them, the clutches always stuck, the windows always leaked and they all had secret software to fool emission tests (I know that one is a bit farfetched.) Would you then really go and purchase the Panzer Rostlaube V6 mark 5????

Malifaux being played

Sooo…why do so many persevere with game systems they do nothing but complain about? It’s one of life’s great mysteries. Perhaps it is because gamers feel they won’t get enough competitors/players.

If I’m honest that might be an issue but enthusiasm is an infectious beast and if you are frothing big time it will pique the interests of others.

Most of the new games need a lot less outlay as the armies are smaller with less miniatures so perhaps you can afford to buy and paint two opposing factions so that others can play before getting their own miniatures.

It is even easier for roleplaying games. It just means you have got to run the first few sessions until the new bug bites.

A word of warning. It has come to my attention on Facebook recently the sad story of a young gentleman whose game of choice was Faulty Kay. He made an overly public declaration he was sick of the rules and would be making a change to a different game.

However within three months without having tried any new systems he returned with his tail between his legs to the system he had bad-mouthed for the previous three months.

The motto to the story is don’t just read new rules books…play them…. You will never know if you are going to enjoy enjoy a game unless you actually use the rules in anger. Be brave…You can make that change too.

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Andy has been involved in the gaming industry for a long time. He has played in or run almost every type of roleplaying game imaginable, he has worked for Games Workshop as a store manager and has written several articles and adventures for various games company’s and websites. He lived in the USA for some time exploring the gaming scene out there and seeing how the Americans do things bigger and better than most……

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