Rosebyrne: Map 6 - C Shaped Corridor & Long Room

Map 6 – C Shaped Corridor and Long Room

Here we are with the next map in the series. This is one of those maps that looking at it out of context of the whole dungeon makes it look a little odd.


Whats the point int eh C shaped corridor that connects two doors out of the same room? Is it a storage area? Does it contain a secret door? Once the room is furnished will it make more sense? is it Trapped?

Who knows, I haven’t decided what its going to be yet, i just drew it!

I’m sure ill come up with something interesting and useful for the odd corridor though, having said that though you guys are welcome to let em now in the comment section what you would use it for or your theory’s behind why someone would build an odd corridor like that.

Andy @ DMB

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