Map 31 – The Nest


Hello Everyone, and a Happy Monday to all of you. Todays Map is a beast Map 31 – The Nest.


Now i could easily have split this map up and posted it as several small rooms, but i like the way it looks all together so I wanted to present it to you in all of its glory!

Now you may have garnered from the title of the map that its home to some thing well you would be right, but I’m not going to tell you what just yet. there is a lot that could call these rooms home, and I am partial to Ettercaps in my games… not that thats what lives not at all.. move along nothing to see here…

Then again it could easily be a set of storage rooms, I understand Ghouls like to create nests as well… it could even be giant rats or even Wererats..

See you tomorrow with another Map.

Andy @ DMB


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