Map 26 – Square Room & A Crossroads

Map 26 - Square Room & A Crossroads

Here we are Back to Monday again already and today we have a new Map for you, Map 26 – Square Room & A Crossroads.

Map 26 - Square Room & A Crossroads

As you can see we are starting of a little bit simpler this week. You might also notice that we have an open doorway on this map. These can be represented when using the tiles to build these maps by using one of our Internal Wall Spacers.


They are the same width as our walls so they can be used in place of a door way or an archway if you want a nice simple easy way to represent an unblocked passageway transition.

They also help to keep your grid aligned when you want to use walls with in rooms, or to link several areas together and keep the grid square, as i’m sure you have seen in some of the other maps, especially on the monster that is Map 20 – Rooms within Rooms!

Anyway thats enough of that, look out for na extra post later this afternoon, and the next map same bat time, same bat place, tomorrow.

Andy @ DMB


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