Map 21 – A Trio of Rooms

Good Morning and welcome to the fourth week of the Rosebyrne Project!

Todays map is Map 21 – A Trio of Rooms. When designing a dungeon I like to have clumps of rooms all interconnected with doors, but no corridors.

This to me seems more natural and organic than lots of winding corridors, leading off in all directions. Not that winding corridors don’t have their place, because they do especially as a defence mechanism.

I Just feel that if I were to build a dungeon for a purpose, other than killing Adventurers, I would not want to have to walk along hundreds of miles of corridors to get from one set of rooms to the next.

Just like my house, where I can go from the dining room to the kitchen just by walking through a door, or from the bathroom to the bedroom, by walking a very short distance, from one door to another, I feel dungeons should show the same sort of ‘ease of use’ for the things that live there.

map-21Let me know what you think of the maps so far, using the comment section as always.

See you guys tomorrow with another Map.

Andy @ DMB

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Andy has been involved in the gaming industry for a long time. He has played in or run almost every type of roleplaying game imaginable, he has worked for Games Workshop as a store manager and has written several articles and adventures for various games company’s and websites. He lived in the USA for some time exploring the gaming scene out there and seeing how the Americans do things bigger and better than most……

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