Map 14 – Another Set of Stairs…

Rosebyrne: Map 14 - Another set of Stairs..

Todays Map is another room, but what’s this, it has a set of stairs in it…

Do they go up or down? I guess that depends entirely where you are standing at time that you ask the question. Is this a way in or out of the dungeon? If so where does it go to, is it a secret entrance in another room of the Manor? Does it lead outside to a pair of storm cellar doors in the garden? Does it lead to one of the mausoleums in the family Graveyard?

Does perhaps not go out side but instead does it go down to another level on the sprawling tunnels and rooms in Rosebyrnes dungeon?


Guess you will either have to wait and see what happens when the encounter for this room turns up, or make your own mind up and use the stairs for whatever you want to…

Andy @ DMB

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