Caverns of The Frog King Adventure Module

Caverns of The Frog King Adventure Module

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Caverns Of The Frog King is the first in a series of game modules designed to provide

entertaining scenarios for the various ranges manufactured by Lucid Eye Publications. The module is a 16 paged booklet with a black & white interior for that 'Old School' touch. The module book contains everything you will need to be equipped with to run the adventure!

Caverns of the Frog King is system agnostic, meaning that rules are implied and

suggested throughout but no attempt has been made to provide a rules framework.

These, therefore are ‘rulings’ suggestions, rather than hard and fast rules per se. We

call this method ‘Add Your Engine’, (or AYE for short). This has been done so that

Games Masters (GMs), may run the module using any rpg (role playing game),

system, choosing their favourite or most appropriate. It is a simple matter to

accomplish this, so simple for a fairly experienced GM, in fact, that it is entirely

possible to run this module ‘on the fly’. Anyone familiar with rpgs in general, for

instance, will know that player characters, (PCs), will take a die worth of ‘damage’

from falling 10 feet, or that skeletons ‘take half damage’ from edged weapons. Along

the way, GMs will note that efforts have been made in order to facilitate the smooth

running of the scenario via these suggestions.

The Realms is a place of many myths and legends, not least of which is the Legend of

the Caverns of the Frog King. Here is this very tale!

It is said that, many years ago, (exactly how long is lost in the mists of time), the King

of the Frogs came upon the Dragonfly Queen perched within her Nest upon her Great

Nest Throne. The King of the Frogs was an immense beast, even bigger than the

Dragonfly Queen and he was hungry. He was always hungry. The Frog King thought

that the Dragonfly Queen would make a tasty meal and he decided to eat her. He tried

in vain to coax the Dragonfly Queen from out of her safe home, first with words, then

by pleading, then by threats. None of this worked because the Dragonfly Queen was

quite smart. Almost beside himself, the Frog King tried then to use his long tongue to

coax her from her lair, but, try as he might, he wasn’t able to reach. The Frog King

was not only hungry, he was also very stubborn and not a little dumb. He decided to

wait outside of the Nest until the Dragonfly Queen appeared. He waited…and

waited…and waited. He waited so long that he turned to stone! Many years past and

both the Frog King and the Nest of the Dragonfly Queen were buried under the earth.

The body of the Frog King, after a very long time, melted into the surrounding rock

and earth leaving only a series of caverns shaped exactly like the Frog King himself.

The Dragonfly Nest remains. In time, this place became a special place for the tribes

of Frog Men who began to populate the caverns, who, in turn, dug a little deeper in

order to find the Dragonfly Nest. They discovered one or two other places first, but

they eventually found the Nest, and now live off the Dragonfly Guard Ticks and eggs

that the Dragonfly Queen lays.