Level 2: Map 4 – Large L Shaped Room

Today’s map is a big one! Map 4 – Large Shaped Room


Measuring 100 feet at its longest point an d 40 foot at its highest, its a room fit for an epic fight. Throw a few Barrels and crates in there to give you some cover, and I can see arrows, fireballs and bolts of holy power being slung around while steel clashes on steel in the middle!

Lets see what i can come up with…

Andy @ DMB

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Andy has been involved in the gaming industry for a long time. He has played in or run almost every type of roleplaying game imaginable, he has worked for Games Workshop as a store manager and has written several articles and adventures for various games company’s and websites. He lived in the USA for some time exploring the gaming scene out there and seeing how the Americans do things bigger and better than most……

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