FFP: Last Night On Earth: Quick Review

No this is not some end of the world apocalypse post. Yesterday I played a brilliant board game that I had heard of but hadn’t gotten round to playing yet. Ill write a full product review later but right now I just want you guys to know how cool this game is!

It’s Called Last Night on Earth and its by Flying Frog Productions. The game is brilliant. You have a team of 4 “heroes” against the Zombie player, and depending upon the scenario, the heroes have to do something to survive the zombie invasion.

Last Night on Earth Box Open

I played Two Scenarios yesterday; the first was the basic Kill Zombies one. I had to kill off 15 zombies before sun up or i lost, I also lost if the Zombie player killed 2 of my heroes.


So after setting up the board we got down to it. It Sounds pretty easy… it’s not!!! Here comes a quick break down of the rules that always seem to get in the way :o)

  • Each Hero has their own starting space spread around the board.
  • Each Hero moves 1d6 spaces a turn, Zombies move 1 square.
  • When you end your move in a square with a zombie, you have to fight it. (This means if you survive the fight you can move away on your next turn!)
  • When fighting a hero rolls 2d6, and a zombie rolls 1d6.
  • A Hero wins a fight if you roll higher than the Zombie. To kill a zombie you have to roll a double and still win the fight.
  • A zombie wins on a draw or if they roll higher than a hero. If this happens the hero looses a wound.
  • All Characters have special rules, for example: The high school Quarterback Johnny can blitz, he’s move doesn’t end if he moves in to a zombie space, but he still has to fight them.
  • The Zombie player gets to draw 4 cards per turn and play as many as he likes form those cards, some of them make life more difficult for the Heroes, some effect the zombies, like shamble that allows a zombie to move 1d6 squares instead of the standard 1.
  • The Heroes have cards as well, that include weapons and cards that counter the zombie ones, but to get them you have to give up your move and search in a building.

Ok that’s good enough to get a general jist of the rules. I randomly drew my 4 characters, and we started to play.

I was doing well right up until two of my characters got munched by zombies, stupid high school kids, and i only had 3 Zombies left to kill, but as always the dice gods abandoned me!!

We then played one of the advanced scenarios where the heroes had to defend a manor house in the middle of town, but the rules state you can’t search for cards in the manor house, which meant that i would have to keep nipping out of the manor house and searching for cards. Unfortunately you cant move and search in the same turn so it took three turns to find a single card and get back to the manor house…

The zombie player automatically gets to generate zombies in this scenario and wins if 9 zombies are in the manor house at anyone time…. The Hero player just has to survive 17 turns… I lost on turn 6.

Although i lost both games, i really enjoyed it and would recommend it to all DMB Games readers! I liked it so much I’m going to buy a copy for myself, so that it can be played on game nights, except i think I’ll play the Zombies!!!

Andy @ DMB

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