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Indiegogo campaign

What a weekend! A Great time at PAW2017, and the Indiegogo Finished!

I just wanted to give you a few stats. We where successful in finding Reaching 108% Funding for a total of £540. This means we can enough silicone and Plaster to expand our range!

Now we didn’t hit any of the stretch goals but that doesn’t mean we wont be getting any new pieces out. We will be releasing a few of them anyway.

The first thing i am going to do is create another set of Core Set Molds. This means we can produce the sets quicker and easier than before. This will include the Archway piece.

Next we will be creating the masters for the following Sets:

  • Accessory Sets
    • These sets will include the New Crate Stacks and 4 of the new Center Dungeon Pieces.
  • Patterned Floor 1
    • The 6 patterned Floor Sets as shown in Stretch Goal 1. They will be available in 2×2 and 4×4 sizes. The 4×4 will be the 2×2 repeated.
  • Tomb Set – Non-Cracked Floor Pieces
    • Floor Pieces for the Core Set pieces (Crossroads, T-Junction, L-Corner, 2×2, 1×2, Wall Spacer and Stairs)
  • Tomb Set – Wall Pieces
    • All the Wall Pieces for a core set (1 Block, 1.5 Block, 2 Block, 2.5 Block, 3 Block, 3.5 Block, 4 Block, 4.5 Block and Archway and Door Way)
  • Cavern Water and Lava Tiles
    • New and Existing Cavern tiles will be available with both resin water and lava.
  • Cobblestone Streets
    • 2×2 and 4×4 cobblestone street tiles.

In theory we might be able to get another two or three sets out of the silicone but I wont know until I get there.  I will be sending out email to all the backers this week, and production of the sets will start as soon as i receive your feedback!

There are plenty of pictures to come, and then once all the new pieces are made, they will be on sale on the website.
Andy @ DMB Games


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