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Here we are with the beginning of a new year! Happy new year to all of you and thanks for reading the first blog post on the website of 2017.

2016 was great in some ways and not so good in others.

I am not going to focus on the negatives, as they are gone done and dusted and no one needs to bring them up again.

First, thank you all for making 2016 DMB’s most successful year yet. We attended our 3rd Dragonmeet, which was our most successful one day show to date, so that was an awesome way to see the year out.

What else did we do… attended our second UK Games Expo, which is the first time we had a full-sized stand, and I was amazing!

I Quit working in IT to run DMB full time, which although has been a serious period of adjustment, has proven to be more than worth it.

I have expanded the range of tiles and set plans in motion for expanding even further.

We have gotten our tiles in to two shops selling at retail, and are in talks with a handful of others.

And most of that was in the last 6 months!

Well we have loads planned for 2017, from increasing the range of tiles using the Indiegogo campaign and beyond.

I’d like to make some new display tables for shows, which means doing something with the old one, perhaps a competition to give it away or letting it go to one of our tile stockists.

I have also decided that i need to do more of my own hobby bits, like painting the mound of miniatures I have, some for bard games, some for skirmish games and actually play a few more games.

I also have a crazy plan to build Castle Ravenloft from the maps presented in the Curse of Strahd adventure supplement form Wizards of the Coast. I have done the maths and the basic floors and walls for the ground level, not including the courtyard, will take 50 casts of 4 different Hirst arts molds.. and that’s just for the basic floors and not too bad.

I’ll let you know how that goes over the course of the next few months!

Well that’s enough rambling from me for now, I’m off to start casting blocks and do some painting of pieces to send out.

Thanks for supporting me over the past year and I look forward to seeing you all at conventions and sending out more pieces to you all!

Andy @ DMB


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