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I was going through some old emails, this morning filing things away, and trying to give the impression that I am even slightly organised when I came across some emails from my WHFRP group.

now most of the guys playing in it have been friends of mine for a while, but one guy you will know quite well, form his posts on this blog, is Craven.

Mr. Craven is really rather talented, and it is always a pleasure to read his character back stories. They always give me plenty of hooks to get his character involved deep in the story, and reasons for him to be interested in what’s going on, the basis of any good story really!

For me his portrayal of Guais through his roleplaying and background has made him one of my al time favourite characters.

So for your reading pleasure here is the story of Guais Thoctar, enjoy!


Gauis Thoctar – Gold Wizard & Adventurer

Gauis Thoctar is a good example of the old saying, “Money goes to money”.

His father, Alarus, was already a very wealthy man when Gauis was born, the middle of three children

who would grow up under the business tutelage of his father. A successful and ruthlessly aggressive trader, Alarus presided over a network of trade caravans and shoreline haulage. Gauis, up until his early teens was primed to follow his fathers footsteps and was showing great promise with the arithmetic necessary to continue the family success. That was, of course, until he started to have deviations in his eye sight. It only took a short while for the network of powerful friends his father kept to inform him, in no uncertain terms, the boys eyes were fine. He was seeing the winds of magic.

It was almost inevitable what was to happen. Alarus donated a large sum of money, and ensured his son was taken in by the Gold College. His natural intelligence and his fathers heavy financial backing saw Gauis welcomed with open arms.

Gauis distinguished himself as an exceptionally intelligent apprentice, but in a college dominated by men who look down on others, Gauis arrogance stands out above most.

As he has matured, his disregard for the rules and regulations of the college have become more and more apparent. He is one of the few students to be officially banned from certain classes, and many of his tutors refuse to speak to him outside of specified class times.

He constantly seeks to push his studies beyond what his superiors think is suitable and on more than one occasion he has been officially chastised for studying texts forbidden to him due to his rank.

Some of the senior tutors wonder if he would have been better off at the Bright College, such is his delight in causing damage with his spell craft. Were it not for his ability to astound his tutors academically, his time at the college would likely be numbered.

Gauis is, however, oddly likeable at times. He has the ability to socialise with almost anyone (even if privately looking down on them) and has a wicked sense of humour.

Yet he has ruthlessly exploited his position as a wizard with the women of the city, allowing his natural charisma and personal wealth to create a chain of broken hearts and scorned lovers.

His position in the College has saved him on more than occasion from getting a serious hiding from angry husbands who fear the retribution of a wizard more than they dislike the knowledge that their wives have been unfaithful.

What does put many off him however, is his almost unrelenting insistence on wearing his full college robes at almost all times, including a golden fask mask bought his mother as a leaving present. The mask hides a high cheekboned, pale face framed by a neatly clipped goatee.

Beyond the wild ego and womanising, this highly intelligent and driven wizard is cursed by two other elements of his life. He is a drinker, be it fine wines or Bugmans, Gauis prides himself on his ability to drink city guardsmen under the table.

His drinking unleashes his ego full force, recently he was heard to proclaim that Balthazar Gelt is merely keeping his position until Gauis himself is ready to take it. Yet something else that the College seriously dislikes.

However, what they would dislike even more, is Gauis arrogant belief that certain forbidden tomes he has read about would be within his ability to grasp and use for the greater good of himself and the College.

Most recently, having been found snooping around areas of the library totally forbidden to apprentices, Gauis has been sent on “extended field work” by his immediate superior.

Told to embark on a journey towards the Dwarven holds to learn what he can about their gold smithing techniques, the College will hopefully be free of his attitude for some time. Many, secretly, hope something terrible happens to him on the road.

Gauis, born into a family where he was subservient to his father and elder brother, has now the ability to become powerful, respected and wealthy beyond even their wildest dreams. It is this constant need to know and achieve more that drives his arrogance and his ego onwards and onwards.


  1. Lol Craven on Facebook Friday, Mar 09 2012 12:18PM

    Thanks for putting this up and for the kind words at the start, i really appreciate it.

  2. Andrew Lawrence on Facebook Friday, Mar 09 2012 1:21PM

    Keep writing kick arse backgrounds and they will keep getting posted, now go and write some stuff up for the secret ROTDOG project we have been talking about 😉

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