Gareth the Welsh Dwarven Warden’s Background …. In Song Form!


I thought I would share with you all something that made me laugh… a lot!

As i am sure those of you who read my articles on a regular basis knows, that in my Home D&D campaign I encourage my Players to write backgrounds for their characters, and if they allow me to involve the character in the game, ad extra plot hooks or if they come up with an original and interesting background, I give them some bonus XP.

One of my Players handed this to me last night, which I thought was amazing and had to share it with everyone!

The words are done to a famous song, and if you can’t guess what it is ill tell you at the bottom of the post, also please remember that the character has a strong welsh accent, which the player uses at all time!

So without further ado I present to you, Gareth the Welsh Dwarven Warden’s background …. In Song Form

Just a small town dwarf
Living on a disused wharf
would take the midnight coach going anywhere

Just a roamin orc
looking for some beef and pork
would eat halfing if it was going spare

A wizard in a cloudy lab
the smell of dead things on a slab
for a price he would share the might
to fight on, an on, an on and on

Strangers, waiting, watching Gareth on the warden path
his coin purse, filling through the night
streetfights, orc bites, crushing to avoid redemption
Gareth, fighting for the light.

Fighting hard to get his ale
dosent mind if he fails
risking anything to fight the orcs, just one more time
Some will win, some will lose
Not always playing by the rules (4th edition)
Oh the sessions never end
they go on and on and on and on.

Don’t stop revealing
Character flaws are appealing
Gareth fighting with the orcs.

For those of you that don’t know the song, it is Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing…. and the player happens to be my youngest brother Joe…

This sort of thing reminds me why I love gaming in general so much!

Andy @ DMB

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