FFG Announce new WHFRP Campaign: The Enemy Within!

FFG may well have done it again….. 

They have announced that they will be releasing one of the oldest, and most well loved Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Campaigns ever…





Thats right they have announced the release of The Enemy Within Campaign!


This is an amazing campaign from the 1st edition of the game. Release in the 80's this campaign had som much intrigue that it sucked people in, and I spent many hours getting caught up in the pace and style of the original Plot.


FFG already have an impressive track record with the WHFRP campaigns.


The ROTDOG game group played through the Gathering Storm campaign that was released as the first campaign for 3rd edition WHFRP, and we absolutely loved it!


Great NPC's graet story line, brilliant plot twists, and just the right amount of moments to make the players respond to the age old question of “So what are you going to do now..?” with “Soil ourselves and come up with a new plan..”


With such great source material from the original Enemy Within campaign and FFG's knack for taking things and making them tip top, there is no way this expansion will fail, it cant possibly have anything wrong with it!


There is only one thing that I am not going to like about this expasnion. I want to play it and run it!


The FFG News Article says that the campaign box will have enough material in ifor over 30 game sessions, taking characters all the way from first rank through to the end of their third!


Here is the background blurb from FFG;



Two years ago, the Elector of Averland, Marius Leitdorf, was slain in the Third Battle of Black Fire Pass. Although he died a hero, Leitdorf’s leadership was conflicted. He was renowned as much for his periods of melancholy, his mania, and his black rages as for his brilliance, wit, and skill with a sword. Furthermore, he left no clear heir, so his death introduces an uncertain time to Averland.


Meanwhile, a sinister figure stands poised to take advantage of this period of uncertainty. Conspiring with the enemies of the Empire, he intends to manipulate the succession for his own advantage.


Into the midst of this conspiracy steps a small group of heroes. Their adventures will take them far to the north and into the heart of the Empire. They will be both catspaw and foil. They will be embroiled in politics and war. And they alone will save the Empire from its greatest enemy… The Enemy Within.




There is no Price or expected release date for this yet but I would expect to see it around June/July time.


We will of course keep you up to date with the latest news on this and all the other fantastic FFG products coming your way, and as always pop over to the ROTDOG Shop to see what you can grab right now!


See you on the Flipside



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