FFG Announce new Post Apocalyptic RPG, Where you play… You!


FFG have announced a new Role Playing Game. A post apocalyptic game where you play yourself in the place where you live.

The first book in the series is going to be a Zombie apocalypse, but there are plans for a Terminator Rise of the Machine, a war of the worlds and a Ragnarok type affair.

The product description on the FFG website explains the idea behind the game as such:

The End of the World books offer a different roleplaying experience than other roleplaying games. In many traditional roleplaying games, you play a fictional character, ranging from a human thief, to a dwarf war-mage, and beyond.

In The End of the World books, however, you play as yourself! Before your first game, you’ll create an abstracted version of yourself, focusing on six characteristics: dexterity, vitality, logic, willpower, charisma, and empathy. These characteristics help you to determine exactly what you’re capable of in the chaos of the apocalypse.

Sounds pretty cool to me.

According to the rest of the article which I suggest you pop over to the FFG site and read, the action is very narrative, and you get to personalise your character with flaws and merits.

It looks like it could be quite promising so ill keep you all up to date on what is happening and as always point you to the updates on the FFG site.

Andy @ DMB


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