Floor Set: Cracked Flagstone

Floor Set: Cracked Flagstone

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The Set contains 22 Floor Tiles:


  • 4x 2x1 Floor Tiles

  • 10x 2x2 Floor Tiles

  • 4x L-Corner Floor TIles

  • 2x T-Junction Floor Tiles

  • 1x Crossroads Floor Tiles

  • 1x Full Stair Tile

Made in the UK

All our pieces are hand made , hand painted and hand finished right here in the UK. We don't outsource anything over seas and although the process is a long one we find that it gives the best product possible and we wouldn't change it for the world!

From start to finish this involves a minimum of 9 stages (some colour schemes involve extra layers of paint.) From pouring the resin to sealing, varnishing and sticking the felt on the bottom of the pieces. That's not including the creation of each master piece and the making of the silicone molds!