Dungeon Generation Tables

I have been thinking about how to make the tiles more useful and help to include them in your games. 

Anyone who knows me knows that I like the D12, it’s an unsung hero of the dice world.

It’s not a grand as D20 in stature, and everyone knows the D20 is a bit of a limelight whore, with its own gaming systems and multitudes of side.

The D6 is about as common as common can be, everyone knows it everyone uses it, and it sold out to mainstream games years ago, I could go on about the other dice in a polyhedral set but you don’t want to hear it, so I’ll just say the D12 is the best of the bunch.

You are probably wondering if there is a point to all this and the answer is yes! as always, its buried amongst a bunch of rubbish I spew forth but it’s there, I promise.

Random Tables. That’s what this is all about Random Tables to help you generate stuff quickly and easily.

From which piece to use, to what your room contains and is even made from, a set of tables that you can use to your hearts content to generate dungeon after random dungeon.

There is a slew of them on their way but I thought I would start off with a simple, dungeon layout generator.

This will be formed of a few different tables and will contain room and corridor tables.

The first set of tables will be posted shortly, keep an eye out for those.

Andy @ DMB






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